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2022-2017 University of Old acting direction re various patient roles to be simulated


2019-2018 Workshops

- "Get Set" Bud Hopes Casting 2019-2018, 2017 Workshop "The Working Actor"

-set secrets 3 with Bud Hopes Casting


2014 Workshop "Stage Craft, Song Delivery with Matt

Baker (New York)


2014 Workshops Music styles, Performance skills" Ingrid James, Paula Girvan


2013 Weekend Workshop " Songwriting and Musician direction" Kevin Welch (USA Nashville)



Workshop "Scripts interpretation and Acting Styles" Ryan Renshaw Film Garden with SamStrauss

Workshop Performance skills Ben Parkinson re acting/Commercials

"Song Interpretation and Musician/Audience Interaction" with Dr Dan Robinson



Workshop "Capella/Gospel Related Styles" Tony Backhouse Vocally trained (classical and modern styles)

-vocal/voice/over and radio work (ABC radio local and national, 4BC and

Armstrong's studio)

-Television presentation/method acting for teaching/videos University of Melbourne National Theatre and Graham Murphy training in dance and ballet

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