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With Hosts
Ros McMaster
&  Cate Shaw

We're Ironing out one wrinkle at a

time, helping men & women

fearlessly embrace life after 50. 

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Ironing Out The Wrinkles​

Research shows that more than ever before we’re living longer than any previous generation. The prospect of that can invoke fear and dread for many of as we grapple with the possibility of isolation and loneliness, physical decline, and a sense that we’re gradually becoming invisible…. If you’re not fully embracing the joy of getting older, Cate Shaw and Ros McMaster are on a mission to bring meaning back into your life.


Whether you’re looking to reinvent yourself, or needing support and advice to embrace change…. we’ll be Ironing Out the Wrinkles - taking the age out of agism - and answering all your questions before you’ve even asked them.


You’ll be educated, inspired, enlightened, and offered hope and motivation through the personal stories of our guests, and advice from experts. Join us as we fearlessly run towards the next stage of life, through the emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial changes that come with age..….

Episode teasers 

The Philosophy of Aging

Lachlan Green - 

Lachlan has recently completed his thesis in the state of aged care in Australia. Having worked in the field of aged care for many years, he knows a thing or two. Today he'll be talking about the philosophy of aging.

Life Beyond 50+

Dr Ann Moir-Bussy. -  Counsellor,  Transformative Life Coach and Consultant, 


After a very dark period in her mid-life,  Anns own journey to healing lead her to develop effective and powerful ways to facilitate change for others who were looking for a new direction, sense of purpose and inner freedom in the second half of life.

Nourish Noshes

Debbie Peterson and Wendy Bright-Fallon - Health and Wellness Coaches

For many women, as we age, life can become richer, sweeter, and more fulfilling. Wendy and Debbie will reveal how we truly can re-imagine and re-create ourselves with nourishing lifestyle practices. They believe you can start anytime, so why not right now?

Financial Planning - Sustaining Your Lifestyle

Rachael Ooi - FinancialPlanner 


A winner of several Professional Standards industry awards,  Rachael will be discussing retirement planning and and mistakes people make with their savings, the anxiety of relying on super, as well as where to get information and more importantly where not to get it.... and much more....

Adopting a Positive Ageing Mindset 

Terry Tucker - motivational speaker, author, cancer warrior


1. Controlling your mind, so it doesn’t control you.

2. Embracing the pain and difficulty and using it to make you a stronger and more determined individual.

3. Understanding that what you leave behind is what you weave in the hearts of other people.

4. Remembering that as long as you don’t quit, you can never be defeated.

Setting Boundaries 

Hailey Magee - certified coach, educator, and writer

As women we are typically “people pleasers”, so setting boundaries is particularly difficult. Todays guest is going to help you make a start, understanding what a boundary is (and isn't), and tips for setting boundaries.

Homeless Older Women


Maggie Shambrook - HOW


Older single women are the fastest growing cohort of people experiencing homelessness in Australia, though their plight remains for various reasons invisible to many. Designing solutions to this problem involves first understanding the root causes of the problem, including structural gender inequality, and then identifying the drivers of better outcomes for such women. Not least amongst these is the need for more social and affordable housing, appropriate to their needs.

Sexual Dysfunction

Dr Jane Offor is an experienced GP and specialises in Sexual Medicine..


Sexuality is an important component of emotional and physical intimacy that men and women experience through their lives. 


Male erectile dysfunction (ED) and female sexual dysfunction increase with age. About a third of the elderly population has at least one complaint with their sexual function. Our guest today is going to help us understand age related issues in sexual dysfunction and what we can do about it.

Soul Agreements & the Alchemy of Numbers

Kasha Rashfall - Integrative Healing Conduit, Energy Magician and Akashic Records Teacher 

We'll look closely at the Stress Indicator Point System which allows clearing of layers of stress from the body and energy field. The bodies of my older people often show they are ready to embrace Crone Wisdom and especially for women, readiness to clear and realign their wombs with Creativity rather than Creation.


Non-Invasive Cosmetic Enhancement

Rowena Clayton - Owner/cosmetic injector at Aesthetics Redefined

Interest in Botox is growing.  Around 2.2 million people worldwide search for Botox every month. This is an increase of 57% compared to just 4 years ago in 2018.


Injectables (ie Botox) is a range of different cosmetic treatments that are injected under the skin with the purpose to improving the signs of ageing and helping patients look radiant and more youthful. Let's take care of some myths/fears around injectables, and discuss who seeks these treatments and why.

Wills and EPA's.... Is Yours Up to Date?

Kieran Hoare - Merthyr Law


The importance of having a Will and ensuring your assets are protected for the generations you leave behind. Have you thought about the reality of elder abuse and protection? What about saving on death benefits tax?


Todays guest Kieran Hoare will run down the rabbit hole with this lighthearted important discussion. on all things "Will".

Personal Stories

It talkes all types to age well... to move into the second stage of life with joy and a desire to continue reinventing and discovering what you're capable of.

Many of our personal guest stories come from those who have experienced great hardship and found that life was better the second time around. 

For others, they simply continues on the path the same way they had approached all of life, with a mind-set that doesn't yield to being defined by a number.

Ros McMaster

M: +61 412 108 058

Cate Shaw

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